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Message from Jeremy:

I have recently sold almost all of my Internet Marketing websites in April 2013 including but not limited to SourceCodeGoldMine, NakedPLR, & NitroBlogger.

Because of this my help desk will be temporarily unavailable as there is currently no staff member working until my next product launches sometime in late August.

Please email all support requests to me personally and I will respond within 1 to 2 days of receiving your email.

send all inquires to jeremy "at" jeremyburns "dot" com

If you do not hear back after 48 hours it is not because I am ignoring you, it will be most likely because your email just got buried in my 500 email a day in box so please kindly send a follow up to on your email if you do not hear back in 48 hours.

I am launching a totally new line of products in late 2013 and hope to have a support desk online sometime after that point, but email will be the nest way to get me right now as there is no one checking this help desk regularly at this time.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


If you have a support issue for SourceCodeGoldMine, NakedPLR, or NitroBlogger please contact the new owners that took over in April 2013 at













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